Continuous Attitude Survey Eligibility Tool
  This tool enables Service personnel, spouses/civil partners and Reserves to check whether they are in the sample for any of the 2020/21 Continuous Attitude Surveys
You are not in the sample for AFCAS 2021. However, we would still like to collect your views on aspects of Service life. Would you like to complete the six questions from the survey?

The survey is run by Defence Statistics (Surveys) and Civilians outside your Chain of Command. This research is approved by the MoD Research Ethics Committee (MoDREC).

Your replies will be treated in the strictest confidence and no one from your Chain of Command will see your completed responses. Completed surveys are stored securely.

The researches will link your responses to JPA to provide some information, such as your rank, age, Branch or Trade.

You do not have to take part in this short survey and choosing not to take part will not disadvantage you in any way. By selecting ‘yes’ to complete the following six questions you are agreeing to take part in the research.

Please submit your views by 16th February 2021.
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Surveys Open to Your Spouse / Partner: